Thursday, May 3, 2012

Change for the Change God!!!

A long time ago just a little before Dark Heresy I was at a a MTG tournament when my opponent declared 'Death to the false emperor' in response to an aquila cap badge I was wearing. Absolutely floored I came back with a lame 'Thems fightnin words', as the conversation continued he said something to me that stuck with me until this very day, 'Love the lore, hate the game'. It was just his opinion but the concept bounced around in my head for months, then like some weird coincidence Dark Heresy was released I got a Black Library edition and my mind went into overdrive considering the possibilities. I have since been busy on other projects namely my props and costumes, the WH40K table top is on the back burner for a while. Another odd thing about my encounter with the MTG opponent is that he was wearing a chaos star pendant, some unlicensed cheap metal affair it was just one of those inspirational moments.

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